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Contract Farming2023-02-03T18:08:18+01:00

Virtual Community of Practice on Contract Farming

Why a community of practice on Contract Farming?

Broad sharing and dissemination of information and knowledge are known to be key drivers of impact in development cooperation. GIZ views Contract Farming, in particular, as an important opportunity to raise incomes of smallholders and entrepreneurs along the rural value chains, making it a promising component for many rural development efforts.

The launch of the virtual CoP has been a landmark in GIZ’s promotion of Contract Farming on a worldwide scale. Utilising SNRD Africa’s reach, the CoP on Contract Farming aims to become an indispensable hub for knowledge exchange and capacity development in its field. To this end, GIZ decided to provide an adequate platform to support those active individuals who contribute materials and professional expertise. This includes making the necessary staff available without which no community stays alive and moving.

Who is facilitating the community?

The virtual community of practice — virtual refers to its primary mode of operation — is coordinated by the GIZ Sector Project Agricultural Trade, Agribusiness, Agricultural Finance.

How to join?

Practitioners experienced in agribusiness, value chains or contract farming from GIZ, partner institutions, consulting firms, national training institutes or private companies can join the community. Please contact the community managers at the bottom of the page.

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We are looking forward to your participation and contribution!

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