Youth.Net.Works! Empowering Youth Organisations as Change Makers in the Agribusiness Sector

A handbook to support the organisational development of youth groups
Cover of the handbook to support organisational development,
based on Experiences in Western Kenya. © GIZ

Proper organizational development of youth organizations can benefit agribusinesses and youth organisation members.

Our manual is for trainers who support youth organizations in their development. To support this, the small introductory story informs the members of the potential of their youth organization and motivates them to realize this potential with the help of the coach. The introductory story is available in different formats: As a Powerpoint, handout, or as a smartphone version (PDF).

About the handbook

This handbook is based on the support process of youth organizations in Western Kenya. It aims to strengthen youth groups and networks and their organizational development in other projects and countries with similar challenges.

It compiles different templates, tools and workshop formats used in Kenya and structures them into a pragmatic step-by-step guide for local facilitators and project staff, even if they’re not senior organizational development experts.

The handbook contains a range of practical tips and insights from the experiences in Kenya and provides an annex with tools and templates. It may also serve as a useful reference document for youth organizations themselves — though it’s not designed as a do-it-yourself guide.

Why this handbook

Strengthening the self-organisation of rural youth seeking employment in the agri-food sector presents an unprecedented opportunity for rural development.

A strong youth organisation can provide services by and for youths and can empower young entrepreneurs to overcome institutional voids by building structures and opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and peer networking. Youths organised in larger-scale or representative business organisations have better bargaining positions for inputs, services and in trade. Youths, especially young women, can benefit by reaching out more efficiently to other rural youths and to development partner organisations. Depending on their objectives and mandate, they are more likely to be heard in shaping the political agenda for rural youth development.

Download the handbook

The handbook can be downloaded in English, French and Portuguese.

Brief introductory story

What are the reasons why you should set up a youth organization? This animated, interactive intro gives youths a good idea of the advantages of youth organizations and their possible benefits for the youngsters. All done in a playful, motivating way the introductory story can be used by coaches at the beginning of training sessions to show participants how to conceive a project and its goal. Feel free to share the materials widely to inform youths about the difference their involvement in youth organisations can make to their professional endeavours.

Download the intros

The PowerPoint version can be presented on laptops. The young people can operate the interactive presentation themselves.

The handout should be printed and made available to members after the training.

The smartphone version in PDF format can be shared with members and in groups on social media such as WhatsApp.


The handbook is a result of the collaboration between the bilateral project “Youth Employment in the Agri-food Sector in Western Kenya” (YEA) and the Global Project “Rural employment with a focus on youth” (GV BLR).

If you are planning to work with youth organisations and you consider applying the Organisation Development Cycle described in the handbook, please get in touch with Sophie Mechsner (GV BLR).

For questions on the specific experiences in Kenya, please contact Prisca Watko (YEA).

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