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Climate and Nature2023-09-20T14:55:12+02:00

Climate and Nature

Based on lessons learned, this working group promotes concepts that foster the improvement of livelihoods while conserving natural resources in the context of climate change.

It supports the exchange of results and experiences between projects or programmes and develops innovative products to contribute to knowledge management and more efficient implementation of projects and programmes.

The working group believes that a well governed and responsible management of natural resources is the foundation of sustainable development in rural areas. The impacts and risks of climate change on livelihoods and natural resources are taken into account, especially through concepts such as ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation.

SDGs committed to


  • How to Easily Produce Video Testimonials — Part 1

    This first part covers what you should think of before you start creating video testimonials

  • Woman cutting tree

    Strengthening Women’s Leadership for Effective Agro-ecological Transition

    Testimony of Latifa Hamdi, a leading female farmer in Tunisia

  • agricultural insurance

    Innovations and Emerging Trends in Agricultural Insurance

    New study

  • The 2021 SNRD Africa Conference in Accra

    Video trailer with impressions from the event

  • Projections of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals

    An introductory guide for practitioners

  • NDC Handover Checklist

    Knowledge management tool for Nationally Determined Contributions

Climate Change, Livelihoods, Natural Resources Management working group


We are looking forward to your participation and contribution!

Speakers: Claudien Musoni, Asella David, Hannah Weggerle

FMB Tandem: Andreas Müller, Anna Hennecke, Sandra Schuster

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