Analysis of Protected or Conservation Areas Governance Models

Practical experiences of GIZ projects and programmes in Africa

25 practical experiences with the governance of protected areas were analyzed, covering Cameroon, the Central African Republic), Chad, Madagascar, Côte d’Ivoire and cross-border processes accompanied by the COMIFAC (Commission of Central African Forests), in particular the BSB Yamoussa complexes (Bi-National Sena Oura – Bouba Ndjida) and TNS (Sangha tri-national).

The analysis aims to identify models and draw lessons for practitioners and project design in relation to the governance of protected areas.

The analysis compares three governance models:

  • State governance
  • Shared governance
  • Governance by local communities


The analysis was carried out as part of the activities of SNRD Africa’s working group on “Climate Change, Livelihoods, and Natural Resource Management”.

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