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Climate and Nature2023-09-20T14:55:12+02:00

Climate and Nature

Based on lessons learned, this working group promotes concepts that foster the improvement of livelihoods while conserving natural resources in the context of climate change.

It supports the exchange of results and experiences between projects or programmes and develops innovative products to contribute to knowledge management and more efficient implementation of projects and programmes.

The working group believes that a well governed and responsible management of natural resources is the foundation of sustainable development in rural areas. The impacts and risks of climate change on livelihoods and natural resources are taken into account, especially through concepts such as ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation.

SDGs committed to


  • Shaping The Way for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Livestock Systems in Africa

    Pioneering climate-smart solutions for livestock systems

  • remote sensing

    How Remote Sensing Can Help Save Ghana’s Trees

    Using remote sensing to preserve trees and combat climate change

  • Living Adaptation Series

    Best Practice Examples for Climate Change Adaptation

    New video clip series Living Adaptation shows potential pathways to climate-resilient agri-food systems

  • value add

    You Want to Add Value for Your Target Group: Consider This!

    Focus on the value your piece of communication adds to the reader or viewer

  • genetic resources

    Digitalising Access to Genetic Resources in Cameroon

    How the ABS system evolved from manual to digital access application format

  • Coastal management

    Unleashing South Africa’s Coastal Management Potential

    Empowering officials with cutting-edge tools in capacity development workshops

Climate Change, Livelihoods, Natural Resources Management working group


We are looking forward to your participation and contribution!

Speakers: Claudien Musoni, Asella David, Hannah Weggerle

FMB Tandem: Andreas Müller, Anna Hennecke, Sandra Schuster

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