SNRD Africa’s Sustainable Transformation for Rural Development and Against Climate Change

Join the adapt and change generation at the SNRD Africa conference 19-26 November

SNRD Africa is delighted to announce its next conference in November!

The conference, including working group exchanges, a youth changemaker fair, training and field trips, will take place 19-26 November. So mark your calendars!

The conference will be conducted in a hybrid format — that is in an interactive online format combined with action at a venue in Accra/Ghana.

As for the date, it was specifically picked to be right after the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference to have a strong impetus for discussion on how to sustainably transform rural development given the threat climate change imposes on partner countries and what SNRD Africa’s contribution can be to tackle the multitude of challenges!

The exchange will help to draw the links between climate change and agriculture, with a focus on the reality that climate change can no longer be ignored in the promotion of rural development. At the end of the conference, participants should come up with key takeaways and insights on this topic. The following aspects will be explored:

  • Understanding climate change and how it is connected to our sector network and projects
  • Mitigation – Opportunities and Risks in the African context
  • Adaptions and Innovations – what‘s next in Rural development
  • Social Behaviour – Our food, our youth, our future
  • Good Agricultural Practices in the field (field trips)
  • Good Agricultural Practices from all over Africa: Share and work on challenges as well as existing solutions around climate change


The SNRD conference will include tailored training sessions, working group meetings, field trips, a youth changemaker fair and exchanges on the topic.

In fact, SNRD Africa working groups are dedicated with slots to hold signature sessions designed according to their needs and aspirations.

The Youth Changemaker Fair

The youth changemaker fair forms part of our bi-annual international conference which will take place in Accra and online in November. It’ll showcase and promote products and services designed by young people in the field of sustainable development and climate change adaptation. ​

The for applications is now out: Youth Changemaker Fair — Call for Applications – SNRD Africa ( 

Signature Sessions

SNRD Africa is all about learning and collaborating. That is why two days are dedicated to working groups to hold training tailored to the need of their members and based on their thematic areas. (20. – 21 November)


It’s about best practices in the field in collaboration with projects of the Ghana portfolio. 26 September is the date of the field trips and participants join the field trip of their choice based on their interest.


Adapt and Change is the leitmotiv of the conference and the spirit that should guide SNRD Africa members in their planning and implementation processes in line with the issue of climate change and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s conference will be sustainability-driven in all its aspects.

Who can apply

Please note, the conference is an internal GIZ event for staff only. More information on registrations and contributions are available on our IDA page (SNRD Africa biannual Conference ( (internal).
Especially junior staff is encouraged to apply.

Stay tuned and check this spot as more information will follow.

Conference participants at the last meeting in Abidjan 2019

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