Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

The toolbox provides hands-on guidance to end-users, policy-makers and financiers on risks related to system efficiency, financial viability and sustainable use of water resources

The tools aim to sufficiently minimize the risks related to system efficiency, financial viability and unsustainable use of water resources. Information modules are supplemented with user-friendly software tools such as calculations sheets, checklists and guidelines.

Modules and tools

  • Assessing water requirements
  • Comparing financial viability
  • Determining farm profitability and return on investment of solar-powered irrigation systems
  • How to sustainably design and maintain a solar-powered irrigation system
  • Critical workmanship quality aspects

Go to the toolbox

The toolbox is maintained on the Energypedia site and is made possible through the global initiative Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development.

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