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Masterclass on the Data Powered Positive Deviance method
Positive Deviance
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Still development cooperation often offers top-down solutions to partner countries, lacking a focus on the potential of local knowledge and innovation.

That’s why SNRD Africa and SNRD Asia and Pacific are working together with the GIZ Data Lab to offer a masterclass on the Data Powered Positive Deviance method in the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Data Powered Positive Deviance method uses pre-existing, non-traditional data sources such as satellite imagery and mobile data to identify individuals or communities who — despite facing similar challenges and limitations — achieve better results than their peers, ie. the positive deviants.

Positive Deviance
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Amplifying and scaling the solutions of positive deviants can help shift from top-down solutions to focusing on a community’s inherent advantages, making solutions more likely to stick and less vulnerable to social rejection. The masterclass is structured as a cohort-based course online format with a mix of live sessions, video lectures and individual mentoring.

Data Powered Positive Deviance stages
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Over the past five weeks, six SNRD Africa teams successfully developed their own Data Powered Positive Deviance use cases, focusing on unique development challenges ranging from climate-smart agriculture in Kenya to deforestation in Ghana. Now that the end of the masterclass is approaching, the team is looking forward to seeing some of the use cases possibly come to life in the future.

Additional information

More on the masterclass and its results at the Data Powered Positive Deviance Liveblog.


Lea Voigt, Intern, GIZ Data Lab, lea.voigt@giz.de

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