On the Status of the Displayed Project Information

We have endeavored to update the list of projects and now need a little help from SNRD members

As a note to members, the SNRD Africa community and website management wishes for members to kindly cross-check the information contained on the website under projects — more specifically on the map and in the list, which should be identical.

We have spent considerable time updating the project information we received in May. During summer, however, there were some new projects started or re-started, which are not listed yet.

Furthermore, it’s been difficult for us to keep track and reconcile the information retained in our different systems due to the common use of day-to-day short names for projects and German titles that are hard to match at times with the English, especially given the similarity of titles of projects when new phases start.

Please take a minute of your precious time and let us know in case your project’s title is incorrect, the link is wrong or not functioning, or if there are outdated projects (previous phases) that should be deleted.

Kindly note, we only need the correct link to the GIZ site or other URL. We cannot use PDFs or write-ups.

Some more information on how the information is displayed

In practice, it is difficult to properly depict the fact that many projects operate in various countries. If we listed projects in all countries of operation, it would lead to the impression that there are many more projects than there actually are. Sector projects for example are therefore usually only listed under Germany.

We are aware that there are some inconsistencies to that practice and ask for members lenience on this. It is practically impossible to sort this out without running into an immense workload that would be in no justifiable relation to the value added by the information.

Important is that each project is at least listed once. Then it is important that we have the correct full spelling of your project in English (or in some cases French), not in German or any commonly used short forms (PN for internal reference and reconciliation might be helpful).


Please send your information to pascal.corbe@corbecoms.com .