How To… Promote Green Jobs in the Agri-Food Sector

Third paper of the how-to series for rural youth employment
green jobs

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  • An overview of innovative approaches to provide inspiration for practical implementation of green jobs in the agri-food sector.
  • See examples on defining green jobs and identify what the term means in your context.
  • Understand how to promote green jobs within rural youth employment in the agri-food sector.
  • A selection of experiences that have been implemented within the Global Project Rural Employment with Focus on Youth.

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In many low- and middle-income countries, up to two-thirds of the people are employed in the agri-food sector, with many smallholder producers being highly affected by climate change. On the other hand, agri-food systems account for roughly one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Green jobs in the agri-food sector, therefore, bring great employment opportunities while focusing on sustainable practices to minimise negative environmental and social impacts.

This how-to paper pragmatically defines what green jobs are within the agricultural sector and how the 360° AgriJobs Approach can help promote Green Skills and Jobs. The addition of concrete activities and lessons learned give real-life examples of how this is done in countries around the globe. Take a look and learn about the potential of green jobs in the agri-food sector.

About the how-to series

The Global Project Rural Employment with Focus on Youth has developed a series of how-to papers, which aims at processing and systematising the project’s practical experiences. Each how-to paper has a thematic focus and provides a brief overview of innovative approaches and inspiration for practical implementation. The series targets implementing organisations and donor agencies working in the field of youth employment.


Sven Braulik or Frank Bertelmann

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