The Ministry for the Future

Recommended reading of a book by Kim Stanley Robinson

Usually, we have to choose between purely fictional or factual books when it comes to climate change reads. The Ministry For The Future brilliantly manages to combine both in a not-so-far-away and not-so-unlikely scenario for 2025.

Established in 2025, the purpose of the new organization was simple: To advocate for the world’s future generations and to protect all living creatures, presently and in the future. It soon became known as the Ministry for the Future, and this is its story.

Told entirely through fictional eyewitness accounts, The Ministry For The Future is the story of how climate change will affect us all over the decades to come. Its setting is not a desolate, post-apocalyptic world, but a future that is almost upon us — and in which we might just overcome the extraordinary questions we face.

Most enticing are the multi-faceted and well-researched accounts that, collected and combined, manage to describe our challenges while also presenting the equally multi-faceted solutions each and everyone can contribute to.

In the end, this is a very shocking and motivating book I can highly recommend to everyone who periodically feels a bit doomed when looking into the future.

Recommended by Bernice Mueller (FMB, KC4D30)

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