Integrating Rural Youth Employment Promotion Into Your Project ⏤ It’s Easy With This Toolbox

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“The Rural Youth Employment Promotion Toolbox Explained” ⎮ YouTube video (2:52 mins)

Where’s the toolbox of help to you?

Many projects and organisations focus on both the development of rural areas and on promoting employment opportunities in the agri-food sector. For the colleagues it can be challenging to locate and identify resources and tools that are best suited for their specific tasks at hand.

That’s where the Toolbox for Rural Youth Employment comes in handy. It was conceptualised as a compilation of proven-to-work tools for rural youth employment promotion in the agri-food sector.

The toolbox not only outlines existing tools and how to use them. It also includes concrete project examples showing how these tools can be adapted and operationalised in various contexts. Many tools provide links to other resources, allowing users to get a more in-depth, nuanced understanding of a tool and guide them with their particular implementation process.

Explore our interactive toolbox and discover how your project can benefit from the collective knowledge of numerous initiatives, all in one convenient place!


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Cover of the publication ⎮ Download publication  (PDF, 177 pages, 15 MB)


This toolbox was developed by GIZ Global Project “Rural Employment with Focus on Youth” and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.


Frank Bertelmann, 

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