Proceedings of the 2017 SNRD Africa Conference in Pretoria

Towards Implementing the Agenda 2030: The Role of Food Security, Youth Employment and Climate Action in African Rural Development.

The SNRD Africa conference beginning of May was a lively, interactive event. About 150 participants from all over Africa and Germany joined the action in Pretoria.  The original objectives were:

  • To understand the dynamics between food security, youth employment and climate change in rural Africa

  • To follow the trend and establish two new working groups: one dealing with agribusiness and inclusive value chain development and another one which intensively deals with food security, nutrition and resilience

  • To learn how to improve vertical and horizontal cooperation (Verzahnung) between different projects

  • To determine the way forward of SNRD Africa and how to face future challenges of youth employment, food security and climate change

Download the report

See for yourself what’s been achieved: Proceedings of the 2017 SNRD Africa Conference 

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