New Training Materials on Food & Nutrition Security

The materials will be used for a pilot in Kenya from the end of July onward

To enhance the anchoring of food and nutrition security aspects in GIZ´s partner countries, training materials on the subject have been developed and are now ready to be used in the partner countries.

The training materials have a modular design, which allows users to tailor the packages according to their specific training needs and respective contexts. There are basically two training concepts, for two dissimilar target groups with different timeframes and contents:

  1. A one-day training, which addresses the needs of decision-makers at higher political and management levels
  2. A 4,5-day training, which is geared towards technical staff at the implementation level of GIZ, the partners, NGOs and private sector actors

The materials will be used for a pilot in Kenya from the end of July onward.


As for now, GIZ staff can retrieve the materials at DMS-link.
Once revised and finalized, they will be made available on a suitable public online platform.


The training materials have been developed by the sector project Agricultural Policy and Food and Nutrition Security — in close cooperation with the sector department.


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