New Set of Icons for You To Use

Also available in SVG format |  © GIZ

Have you ever struggled to express your digital ideas in an accessible way? Looking for a way to communicate your ideas or interventions clearly?

You love using icons but there never seem the right ones around? Often they are not adapted to local context or people, depicting only men using technologies. Or simply not what you were looking.

Here is something for you

We certainly have faced those issues and hence have decided to add some icons to our repertoire. In a participatory approach involving other communities and colleagues, we came up with different topics and technologies of interest. With the help of graphic designer Linda Einhoff, we then brought your ideas to life.

The result is a set of 24 icons which we are very happy to share with you. Please feel free to use them and we’d appreciate your feedback on them.


Please leave us a comment in the SNRD Africa ICT4Ag and Digitalisation teams channel within the ICT4AG room ( or send us an email (;

We hope you also appreciate our digital dinosaur and the digital mastermind.

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