How to Foster Access to Finance for Women in the Agri-Food Sector

Guide of the inclusive agribusiness working group
Access to finance

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This guide is for development practitioners

■ Who are engaged with or interested in the agri-food sector

■ Who see the necessity to work on access to financial services for their target beneficiaries

■ Whose project focuses on women, or aims at promoting women’s access to finance

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This publication provides insights, background and guidance on the challenges of promoting opportunities for improved livelihoods, and better economic and social resilience, specifically for women engaged in the agri-food sector in partner countries through access to financial services.

As such, it touches on the interfaces and linkages between:

  • Women in the agri-food sector, their roles, classifications, and needs as well as
  • Access to finance for these women, and he opportunities and constraints they’re faced with, in particular with regards to accessing financial services


Nina Hollemann

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