Harnessing the Chances of Digitalisation for Rural Development

SNRD Africa study on lessons learned in connection with using ICTs in agricultural projects
Today’s fast-evolving ICT represents a tremendous opportunity for rural populations to improve productivity, to enhance food and nutrition security, to access markets, and to find employment in a revitalized sector.
World Bank 2017, ICT in Agriculture, Handbook
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Harnessing the Chances of Digitalisation for Rural Development

A practical guideline for projects and planning officers to:

  • Introduce important aspects such as equal access to ICT for women and young people
  • Capture and share lessons on applying digital solutions
  • Recommend to project managers how to plan and implement sustainable ICT4Ag business models

The new release draws from 52 ICT4Ag solutions, which have been developed for 29 GIZ projects operating in 34 countries in Africa and Asia. It includes inspiring examples and ideas from within GIZ, lines out entry points and recommendations to fellow SNRD projects all with the aim to better integrate ICT4Ag solutions.

It covers technical requirements and institutional considerations for integrations to stand a chance for sustainable success. At the end of its 110 pages, the guideline lists various existing ICT4Ag solutions with their respective purposes.

Published by

GIZ sector project Rural Development (SV ELR) in cooperation with the SNRD Africa.

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