Gender Transformative Mentoring and Peer Learning Programme Launched

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  • The goal is to empower colleagues to take the lead in shaping gender-transformative change and becoming multiplicators – in 2024 there will be the chance to match up
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With the feminist development policy, requests regarding gender transformative approaches grow within GIZ implementation processes. Following the demand, the SNRD working group on Gender Transformative Approaches initiated a Gender Transformative Mentoring and Peer-Learning Programme.

The mentoring and peer learning approach involves providing support and guidance among colleagues as they work together to learn and achieve their goals. The mentoring aims to enable participants to exchange on gender transformative approaches in their workplace and support each other to develop tailor-made solutions in their context guided by mentors.

Peer learning is an important component of this approach, as participants would be encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with one another and to learn from one another through discussion and collaboration. This can help participants to develop stronger relationships and a sense of community within the group of mentors and mentees.

The coaching and peer learning approach can be powerful to exchange and develop skills and knowledge that are needed to implement more gender transformative approaches in daily work while also fostering a sense of collaboration and community within the group. Equally as important it is a tool to empower people to get more confident and gain more agency in navigating complex topics.

The SNRD GTA working group organized this global training programme for anglophone and francophone mentors from eight and five countries respectively. The first sessions take place at the end of November 2023 with a group of 24 gender-experienced mentors, realized by African trainers, experienced with empowerment, and shaping change.

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These online sessions are only the first step of the mentoring process. The programme will be continued throughout 2024. It involves training on mentorship and regular mentoring sessions. The objective of these sessions is to equip mentees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to implement gender-transformative approaches and to provide a safe and supportive space for mentees to explore and challenge discriminatory power structures that exist everywhere in the world.

In the ongoing process of this programme, pilot training and training of trainers within the various projects that already desire and/or adapt gender transformative approaches can be targeted.

We encourage programs and structures working with gender transformative approaches to implement mentorship in their respective projects.

Mentees Wanted!

The programme is looking for mentees from the SNRD sector network who promote gender-transformative approaches in their daily work. The mentees can profit from the free advice of the mentors within a safe space for further discussion of this and in meeting new colleagues and engaging with them from all over Africa, building up a network on gender transformative approaches.

Join the GTA-Mentorship network and apply to become a mentee in 2024!

How can I join the training?

Please send a letter of motivation and intent — not more than 1,600 characters including blanks — to

We are looking forward to your applications. In case of any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the same email address.


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