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Open Space – New CAADP NAIPs: How GIZ bilateral projects can get involved

Tarquin Meszaros reports on the open space he presented.

Information on the open space session

The open space Developing and implementing new CAADP National Agriculture Investment Plans (NAIPs) – How can bilateral GIZ projects get involved? intended to discuss key questions:

  1. What is the purpose of CAADP Country Support Missions (also known as NAIP Appraisal or Malabo Domestication Missions)? Which countries will receive such missions in 2017? What does the process entail?
  2. How could bilateral GIZ projects at country-level – particularly GIZ’s agricultural policy advisors but also other GIZ projects at regional and continental level – get involved in these missions as well as in the subsequent process of developing new NAIPs? What would be the incentives for bilateral other projects to get involved?
  3. How would the vertical cooperation modalities between the continental CAADP Support Programme and relevant other projects ideally look like?
  4. How could GIZ agriculture-related bilateral and other projects align to the NAIPs and support in-country NAIP implementation?

The discussions was complemented with practical examples from GIZ’s CAADP Climate and ATVET Projects on how the CAADP Country Support Missions can be used for the integration of certain thematic areas in the NAIP process and for the upscaling of pilot experiences from the country-level.