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Production and Supply of Nutritious Foods at Centre of Value Chain Discourse

2017-12-23T16:31:57+00:00 décembre 23rd, 2017|Catégories : FNSR FR, Mises à jour|

Recently the professional debate has shifted from increasing income and local availability of nutrient-dense foods to reducing food insecurity and malnutrition. However, food preferences and traditions are more and more recognised as important factors. A new working paper shows how to integrate nutrition-related activities into agricultural value chain programs. 

The Dragon in the Room — China’s Engagements in Africa

2017-11-29T13:45:22+00:00 novembre 27th, 2017|Catégories : Mises à jour, PPARD FR|

The phone rings. It’s the German embassy: “Where are the Chinese active?” — Evidently, there's a lack of profound information about China's cooperation with Africa. A webinar shed light on the top-ranking donor, rectifying skewed and outdated perceptions

Première conférence nationale sur la sécurité alimentaire au Bénin

2017-11-01T09:14:32+00:00 novembre 1st, 2017|Catégories : Mises à jour, PROJETS|

À l'initiative conjointe du programme mondial « Sécurité alimentaire et renforcement de la Résilience » et du Conseil de l’Alimentation et de la Nutrition, a eu lieu à Possotomè au Bénin, les 17 et 18 août 2017, une conférence nationale sur la sécurité alimentaire

The Most Pressing Issue in Rural Development — Ousmane Djibo

2017-11-02T07:29:59+00:00 octobre 28th, 2017|Catégories : FNSR FR, VIDÉOS|

Each year 20m youths will be entering African labour market in the coming decades, while only 3m are expected to be able to find jobs. In this in-depth interview the manager of the sector project Agricultural Policy and Food Security, calls for more innovative initiative to ensure that these generations will have an opportunity for a better life.