The Most Pressing Issue in Rural Development — Ousmane Djibo

2017-11-02T07:29:59+00:00 octobre 28th, 2017|Catégories : FNSR FR, VIDÉOS|

Each year 20m youths will be entering African labour market in the coming decades, while only 3m are expected to be able to find jobs. In this in-depth interview the manager of the sector project Agricultural Policy and Food Security, calls for more innovative initiative to ensure that these generations will have an opportunity for a better life.

The Power of Mobile for Agricultural Projects — Webinar Recording

2017-10-27T09:06:47+00:00 octobre 19th, 2017|Catégories : ICT4AG FR, VIDÉOS|

The ICT4Ag CoP discussed with Lukas Borkowski -- country manager of Viamo, a mobile engagement consultancy -- and GIZ's Paul Cronjaeger how you can leverage the power of mobile for sustainable and measurable impacts in your agricultural project

How to Use Open Data for More Impact of Agriculture and Nutrition Related Projects — Webinar Recording!

2017-10-28T14:36:42+00:00 septembre 18th, 2017|Catégories : ICT4AG FR, VIDÉOS|

ICT4Ag community of practice provided a platform to discuss how projects can use open data to get more impact on the ground. Digital native or not, this webinar add values for anyone involved in agriculture or nutrition-related projects