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Mini-Workshop – Promoting Youth Employment With Digital Solutions

Inspired by the mini workshop on ICT, Rokia Goldmann sees a great potential for ICT to create jobs for the young generation, to get them a first access to the job market. Experiences in other countries were shared: « It helps us to re-orientate ourselves and adapt our approaches. These are tools that could be used in the job creation. It will allow the younger generation to have access to the job market. »

About the thematic mini workshop

Young people are crucial for replacing the older farming generation; they have an important contribution to make to the agriculture sector through innovation, including digital ICT solutions. ICT innovations, mainly spearheaded by young people are recognized as key drivers of agricultural productivity and modernization. Implementing digital solutions can do much to help to improve the image of agriculture and contributes to a future-oriented, sustainable development in rural areas; when broadened to include agribusiness, marketing and services related to crop and livestock production, ICT offers dynamic career options for young people.

The workshop showcased examples of ICT components used in GIZ projects to support the promotion of youth employment.