Green Jobs and Income Potential: Agroecology’s Role in Rural Employment

Factsheet explores the link between agroecology, jobs, and income in rural areas

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  • Understand the synergies between agroecological approaches and rural youth employment promotion
  • Insights into job creation and better income prospects in rural areas.
  • Learn about benefits of agroecological approaches for rural communities.
  • Real-life examples from GIZ projects showcase successful implementations.
  • Awareness of opportunities and challenges in promoting green jobs and agroecological markets.

Overall, the fact sheet empowers informed decisions in integrated rural employment promotion.

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With a growing global population, the demand for food is surging, especially in Africa. However, our conventional agricultural practices are facing planetary boundaries due to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Enter agroecology, a transformative approach based on 13 principles, offering resilient, productive, and equitable agri-food systems. Agroecology provides solutions to address these pressing challenges, benefiting individual farmers and entire societies.

Beyond sustenance, agroecology contributes greatly to sustainability in land use, consumption, and nutrition through a multiple-benefit strategy. It creates a strong foundation for job growth and improved working conditions, leading to better income and an enhanced quality of life, particularly in rural areas for women and young people. By fostering local markets and circular economies, agroecology generates additional income opportunities and supports sustainable rural development while mitigating the rural exodus.

Curious about agroecology’s impact on income and job creation in rural areas?

Explore the new factsheet, featuring examples from GIZ’s Sector Project Rural Development and Global Project Rural Employment with a Focus on Youth.

Discover the challenges and opportunities of agroecology, the potential for green jobs and rural employment.


Sophie Mechsner

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