Best Practice Examples for Climate Change Adaptation

New video clip series Living Adaptation shows potential pathways to climate-resilient agri-food systems

Living Adaptation Series

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  • Gain valuable insights into best practice examples for climate change adaptation, including innovative digital solutions.
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  • The videos illustrate how adaptation to climate change is lived by smallholder farmers, pastoralists and policymakers in various parts of Africa as well as India.
Mobile phones as digital communication channel for weather information
Photo: © GIZ / Rossy Heriniaina

Climate change adaptation plays a crucial role in transforming agri-food systems and is being implemented in various parts of the world.

Below new entries to the enlightening GIZ video clip series titled Living Adaptation. The series showcases best practice examples of climate change adaptation in agriculture and rural development, providing valuable insights and inspiration.

A Call for Innovative Solutions in Madagascar — A Video Showcasing Digital Tools in Action

In Madagascar, for instance, digital meteorological advisory services are empowering local farmers to adapt their agricultural practices to the changing climate. Farmers can access a hotline via their mobile phones, which provides real-time weather updates and insights on how to adjust their strategies accordingly. This integrated approach, along with other innovative measures such as climate risk insurances and agroecological farming practices, is effectively enhancing the resilience of Malagasy farmers in the face of climate change impacts.

So if you’re eager to explore further and learn from farmers who have embraced these digital tools, the video A Call for Innovative Solutions in Madagascar is a must-watch. Available in English, French and German.

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Empowering Pastoral Communities in Ethiopia

Another notable film in the series is Ethiopian Pastoralists Building Resilience, also available in English (German subtitles available) and French. This informative documentary highlights a systemic approach to strengthening the resilience of pastoral communities. The ultimate goal is to create additional livelihood options and restore degraded land. By showcasing this remarkable journey, the film offers valuable lessons and inspiration for practitioners working in international development cooperation.

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Joint Action Against Climate Change in Africa

Joint Climate Action in Africa is another captivating film in the series. The English-language video with French subtitles shows how decisionmakers from various African countries can come together to address climate change on the international policy stage. Their collective efforts serve as a powerful example of collaboration and underline the importance of joint action in tackling this global challenge.

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Pathways to Climate-Resilient Agri-Food Systems

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the series’ content and achievements, we recommend watching the overarching film, Pathways to Climate Resilient Agri-Food Systems. Available in German and English with French subtitles, this film provides an overview of the remarkable progress showcased in all the countries featured in the Living Adaptation series, including India. It presents a holistic perspective on climate change adaptation in agri-food systems and highlights successful strategies and practices. The film was published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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As informative Youtube videos, each film in the Living Adaptation series provides valuable insights and inspiration for practitioners in international development cooperation. You can easily integrate the Youtube players into your articles, presentations, or workshops to share these stories with your colleagues and networks. Let’s embrace the power of knowledge and innovation as we work together to build a resilient future in the face of climate change. Have fun watching the movies and please feel free to share them via your networks.


Alina Gassen, Advisor, Sector Project Rural Development,

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