Farmer Organisations as Change Agents for the Transformation of Agriculture and Food Systems

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  • Understand the challenges and opportunities faced by these organizations in fostering positive change.

Shamika Mone, President of the Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmer Organisations (INOFO), at the Berlin International Green Week ⎮ © Claudia Jordan/GIZ

What is the contribution of farmer organisations to the transformation of agricultural and food systems, rural development and the empowerment of their members?

At the SNRD conference in Senegal in October 2023, the Global Project on Strengthening Farmers’ Organisations for Sustainable Agricultural Development, which is being implemented in Burkina Faso, Togo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and India, presented their recent policy brief on the state of the research literature.

The main findings underline that farmer organisations increase the income of their members through marketing, capacity building and financial support, and enable farmers’ participation in political processes. At the same time, farmer organisations improve climate and natural resource protection by promoting the application of agroecological principles. Constraints for farmer organisations include organisational weaknesses, insufficient funding and policy failures.


Sarah Jensen


Jana Rauch, unique land use GmbH

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