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Learning from country experiences collecting and using budget data to improve their nutrition programs

Current estimates suggest that current funding is not sufficient to address malnutrition. Part of the difficulty in securing the funding needed to tackle malnutrition is a lack of how much funding has already been allocated to nutrition and how much and where the funding gaps are.

A number of countries have embarked on nutrition budget analysis exercises, designed to identify available funding, highlight existing gaps in funding, and advocate for smarter investments in nutrition. Nearly 20 countries have completed this work, often through a framework provided by the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement. SPRING’s interviews with representatives from 11 of these countries illustrated the complexities inherent in sharing these findings and the potential benefits from collecting and sharing data on a topic that is known best for the lack of information available.

Join SPRING for a webinar to learn more about the ways in which countries have used findings from nutrition budget analysis activities to identify and coordinate nutrition across sectors, advocate for increased funding for nutrition, and manage the use of nutrition funds. In this webinar, we will hear directly from country practitioners about their experiences, including their activities, tools, briefs, and graphs used.


  • Gwyneth Cotes | SPRING, Director of Global Initiatives
  • Jovita Sandaite | Action Against Hunger (ACF) of Sierra Leone, Advocacy Expert
  • Hugh Bagnall-Oakeley | Save the Children, Senior Hunger Policy Adviser

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Register online here.

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