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Working Groups

The working groups are the heart and soul of SNRD Africa, bringing professionals from GIZ-supported projects and experts of the respective GIZ sector departments together. They organise knowledge management, provide training on best practices and develop new approaches based on mutual exchange and peer learning. Working groups choose their tandem partners in the sector department (FMB) and have their own speakers, annual work plans and physical meetings. We recommend for each SNRD member to participate in one working group!

Communities of Practice

CoPs offer an open and flexible format to work on matters that cut across thematic areas, going beyond the regular span of SNRD activity. At this point, there are two active CoPs. Please let us know if you would like to join one of them.


The Benefits of Virtual Collaboration

SNRD Africa’s workflow utilises modern digital tools. Each working group and community of practice has access to an internal community platform. Based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology, these virtual communities with their knowledge sharing and exchanging on management practice have become essential to active cooperation, networking and partnership.

Virtual collaboration via the community platforms adds value:

  • To exchange with members on current topics in real time, e.g. in webinars and online meetings, online discussions, blogs and fora

  • Options to share news, updates, announcements and articles among members
  • A document management system: upload and administer documents and information, share documents, information and links with other members
  • To work jointly on documents and presentations (via MS Office online) in your working group or CoP
  • A better knowledge management through wiki functions
  • To organise, prepare and document your events and meetings
  • A calendar function synchronised with Microsoft Outlook and push-messages for updates – never again miss a webinar organised by your working group
  • The option to administer tasks and duties and your working group, to organise polls and surveys among members
  • Option to share links to external communities, institutions and websites
  • The SNRD newsletter
  • User profiles of our members for better networking

To collaborate virtually using the internal platforms, please visit the pages of the working groups where you will find the login buttons.