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You Want to Add Value for Your Target Group: Consider This!

✅ There is a difference between the target group of your project and whom you target with your communications outreach.

✅ Similarly, there’s a distinction between the value a project adds to the lives of its beneficiaries and the value your viewers or readers get from consuming your communications products — even when the article is about the project.

➡️ So when you’re about to create the next piece on your latest event or on the gains of your intervention, please listen to SNRD’s communications advisor Pascal Corbé about what you should take into account before hacking away.

The video is part of the Real Talk series, a communications advisory note in this case.

Key points

  • Projects focus on their own accomplishments rather than the needs of their target groups.
  • Communication should cater to the target group and provide what they value.
  • An example of a restaurant is used to illustrate the importance of understanding and meeting customer expectations.
  • There is a distinction between the target group of the project and the target groups of communication efforts.
  • Communication efforts should consider the diverse interests and needs of different target groups.
  • Different communication strategies may be needed for different target groups, such as sharing lessons learned or addressing challenges.
  • The goal is to provide value to the audience by sharing insights and replicable processes.
  • The added value in communication is not the same as the value delivered by the project.

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