Mainstreaming the concept of mitigation of HIV/AIDS impacts through agricultural and rural development

After two conceptually oriented workshops on the issue of ‘HIV/AIDS and agriculture and rural development’ held in Harare/Zimbabwe (2001) and Siavonga/Zambia (2002), SNRD Africa organised a first real training course for HIV/AIDS focal persons in ministries of agriculture and
similarly oriented institutions in Lilongwe/Malawi in 2003.


  • Provide a general overview on the development, risks and potentials of ICT4Ag
  • Take stock and compile a list of ongoing GIZ projects with ICT4Ag experience
  • Gain more insight in the current application and use of ICT solutions in GIZ agriculture programs and projects
  • Collect the available results and learnings ‘from the field’
  • Match these with global lessons on ICT4D and ICT4Ag

Based upon the findings, the study is meant to be a practical guideline and to provide inspiring examples and ideas from within GIZ, and to line out entry points and recommendations to GIZ project staff (especially the member projects of SNRD) and GIZ planning officers for agriculture and rural development to better integrate ICT4Ag solutions in ongoing and future GIZ projects, but also to have an idea about the technical and institutional requirements in order to be sustainably successful. Finally, the guideline also offers a broad list of existing global ICT4Ag-solutions for various project objectives and purposes.