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Rural Youth Employment – The Next Big Thing in Development Cooperation?

“30 million young people enter the labour market each year in Africa. If high rates of youth unemployment, poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and climate shocks come together, we will see conflicts terrorism and more forced migration.”

Stefan Schmitz elaborates on the G20 rural youth employment initiative and German collaboration activity, where the subject will receive special attention from now on.

He also touches on population growth and family planning being an automatic result of further development.

However, for youngsters in rural areas, in particular, it was important to provide for more than food security. Lifestyle aspirations cannot be ignored. Modern communications tools helped to close the traditional urban-rural gap, making it more fun to live in the countryside.

Schmitz is Deputy Director-General at BMZ and Commissioner of the “One World – No Hunger” Initiative. He spoke at the Global Landscapes Forum 2017 in Bonn.