Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS mitigation measures in agriculture and rural development

Objectives of the workshop

Learning about and exchanging experiences on multi-sectoral mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS mitigation measures in different spheres of government and rural development programmes.

Aspects covered:

  • HIV/AIDS mainstreaming strategies in rural development

  • Mitigation measures within various sectors (e.g. Agriculture, Education, Social Services, Local Government, Community Development)

  • Tools and instruments to implement and coordinate mainstreaming strategies

  • Monitoring approach for impacts of HIV/AIDS related activities

  • Communication skills dealing with sensitive subjects

What works well? What are challenges? And how can they be overcome?
Participants presented their success stories and the challenges they are facing in their work, regarding HIV and AIDS. In subgroups they discussed possible solutions to the challenges. Read about which points they came up with (…)

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