The Lone Green Patch on a Denuded Stretch of Land

A case study from the Afar region in Ethiopia

On the 130km drive from Semera, the capital of Afar region in Ethiopia, to the research site in Chifra, the lone green patch visible along that stretch is the collaborative venture between ICRISAT, GIZ, local universities and partners.

It is an initiative to rebuild the livelihoods of agro-pastoral communities in the largely drought-prone region, successful in rehabilitating 35ha of abandoned land and benefited 52 households with about 360 household members, providing food for them and fodder for their livestock. It has also created a huge social movement at village, district and regional scales.

More information

ICRISAT has placed an elaborate article on their website, which provides informative details on

  • Digitization of land use

  • Crop and forage production and productivity

  • Contributions to food security and productivity gains

  • The way forward