GIZ Approaches to Strengthening Farmer Based Organisations

Executive Summary

This report presents the results of an inquiry conducted in 2015 via the online survey tool Representatives of 26 GIZ programmes participated. The main objective of the survey and this report is to create a basis for a fruitful exchange of lessons learned, good practices, strategies and instruments for the efficient and effective promotion of FBOs between GIZ programmes and to providethe grounds for the development of a toolbox.

The aim of the inquiry was to provide the grounds for eventually developing a toolkit for FBO promotion through the:

  • Identification, systematization, documentation and assessment of existing GIZ approaches and tools
  • Identification of the needs of programmes and projects for the development of additional tools and approaches
  • Identification and documentation of experiences, lessons learnt and good practices and their outcomes

The scope of the inquiry did not include an in-depth assessment
of existing individual tools. A more detailed assessment
of tools and approaches – e.g. through interviews – is