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Chargement Évènements

Webinar on Research findings from the Fit for School Program Laos

Webinar series Nutrition Knowledge Snacks

WASH solutions for improved nutrition such as the WASHaLot and the applicability in other contexts will be part of the discussion. ACF will present the baby WASH approach and practical examples from their work.


  • Bella Monse, Sector Project Sustainable Sanitation
  • Jean Lapègue, Action contre la Faim

About the webinar series Nutrition Knowledge Snacks

Sharing promising approaches and valuable experiences – the SNRD Africa working group on Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience Working Group aims to boost knowledge exchange within the network!

During the SNRD Working Group FNSR meeting in Malawi in April 2018, the participants identified key topics of great common interest to the community. The webinar series Nutrition Knowledge Snacks will respond to the demand, getting technical input based on practical experiences on the key topics.

All Nutrition Knowledge Snacks will feature before and after each session on the GIZ internal IDA.Communities with colourful teasers, Q&As, wikis quizzes, further background information and, of course, discussions.

Topics of future webinars

  • Moringa
  • Nutrition and gender
  • ICT for nutrition
  • Realizing the right to adequate food, nutrition in agriculture


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