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Chargement Évènements

Upcoming webinar with pre-recorded inputs for enhanced experience.  Watch the presentations in your own time beforehand without the usual technical hitches and later join the actual webinar for only the discussion!

Typically a National Youth in Agribusiness Strategy will be faced with numerous challenges in a devolved governmental system. This webinar will have a look at how youth strategies can be planned sufficiently and carried out practically at regional level.

What needs to be done to support rural youth in their role as change agents, to organise themselves as democratically legitimized representatives and, all in all, to create a gateway for structured coordination and communication with different types of stakeholders?

The GIZ Agriculture Team in Kenya and two rural youth representatives share their experiences on participatory policy and project initiatives.

Note on the pre-recorded inputs

All inputs are already available as video recordings at the page linked below. During the actual webinar, there will only be kick-off summaries of the presentations. Participants are kindly requested to watch the video inputs prior to the event.

In case you foresee not having time to participate, you can submit your questions to the moderator via email, who will relay them to the presenters during the event. A recording of the webinar will be made available after the event.

More information on the webinar

Got to details and pre-recordings of the inputs.

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