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Chargement Évènements

Introduction to Land Governance for Practitioners in Agriculture and Rural Development

What will be your takeaway?

The learning event introduces practitioners to different concepts and practices in land governance. Discussing studies and joint lessons will allow you to place the challenge and opportunities you face in your day-to-day work in a broader context. Specifically, the training design aims at:

  • Introducing concepts, principles and practices in land management, administration and governance
  • Presenting and discussing land governance challenges and solutions in African countries
  • Understanding land conflicts and dealing with different interests
  • Gaining knowledge about approaches to achieve women’s tenure security
  • Linking up with other sectors such as forestry or water management

For whom is the training?

GIZ project managers, GIZ staff working as policy advisors and their government counterparts working in agriculture, natural resource management, rural development, but also finance, governance, and similar areas.


Day 1: Introduction, overview & the global perspective on land

Day 2: Land governance challenges in Africa

Day 3: Policy interventions, technical innovations & case studies

Day 4: Exchange of practitioners & field visit

Day 5: PPARD working group meeting (GIZ only)

Send in programme suggestions

The organisers appreciate suggestions on specific topics participants may be interested in or practical land-related challenges and experiences from specific work contexts. 

Please send your feedback to Thomas Breuer (WG Speaker).

Please register by 18 September 2018. 

Presentation shared up front

Please note the working group’s new survey on:
The Role and Recognition of Land Governance in GIZ Projects in Africa

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