Emergency Kits for 8,600 Farmers Affected by Cyclone Idai

Emergency intervention by the Green Innovation Center for the Agriculture and Food Sector (GIAE) in Mozambique

Distribution of the first emergency kits

The kits distributed to the beneficiaries of a project in Sofala are supposed to reinvigorate food production and mitigate the risk of severe food shortages that could affect the population up until the next harvest season.

To ensure food production in the second agricultural season, the project will disseminate the free kit accompanied by technical assistance in the vicinity of Siluvo, Matenga, Lamego, Tica and Metuchira districts in Nhamatanda and in the Pungué area in Gorongosa district.

The kits’ contents

  • Corn seeds — short cycle for the production of corn after 45 days and grains between 110-130 days
  • Nhemba beans — protein source, leaves at 30 days and later beans
  • Pigeon pea / vulgar — as a source of protein and for income generation
  • Fertilizers
  • Insecticide
  • A hoe

The overall size and aim of the intervention

In total, 31 tons of grain and legume seeds, 160 tons of fertilizers, 11,600 packages of horticultural seeds, 2,400 bottles of insecticides, 170 sprayers with a protection kit and 8,600 hoes will be distributed; together with a technical file on its application.

The Green Innovation Center project aims to raise smallholder farmers income, employment opportunities and food availability by supporting the value chains of pigeon peas in the Sofala province and of Baobab in the province of Manica. The 8,600 farmers have already participated in the Farmer Business School training.

Unfortunately, the production areas in the Nhamatanda district and part of the Gorongosa district were almost completely destroyed by the heavy winds and torrential rainfalls. It is estimated that of the corn harvest, 60 to 80% was lost by the fall of the corn stalk. However, the pigeon pea value chain resisted and should be able to recover to a certain extent.


Erika Conselho, Communication advisor, GIZ/GIAE, Maputo, erika.conselho@giz.de