Biennial Transparency Report Guidance and Roadmap Tool

The tool can help you prepare for the Biennial Transparency Reports that are due end of 2024

Biennial Transparency Reports must be submitted by 31 December 2024 at the latest, which is not far in the future. The best way to prepare is to take action today.

The Biennial Transparency Report Guidance and Roadmap Tool guides developing countries in planning the preparation process of their first Biennial Transparency Report  as well as preparing a roadmap for implementing it.

Led through six main steps, users of this hands-on and highly interactive tool will learn about key elements to be considered when planning for a Biennial Transparency Report and good practices and recommendations for improving the quality of the process over time.

The tool is meant to facilitate long-term planning and help in structuring and elaborating a roadmap for the Biennial Transparency Report process.


The Biennial Transparency Report Guidance and Roadmap Tool has been developed jointly by the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),


Carlos Essus,

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