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Business Round Table at AGRITECHNICA

Many African economies are investing heavily in their agri-food industries. We will present success stories of market development in sub-Saharan Africa from a German perspective, successful business models of African entrepreneurs, information on promotion and financing options as well as targeted matchmaking that are intended to highlight new business opportunities.

The mechanization of agriculture – that is using machinery for ploughing, threshing, harvesting and other related tasks – is increasingly important for Africa’s rural transformation. Rapid urbanization is pressurizing Africa’s agriculture systems to produce more with less labor, as more and more people move to cities or engage in non-agricultural rural activities. In response, farmers in many parts of the continent are showing increased demand for mechanization. There is increasing demand for suitable agricultural machinery for tillage, sowing and harvesting as well as storage technology. Business models such as contractors, rental services and contract farming systems are evolving.

Who is the event for?

The Business Round Table is aimed at business delegations from various countries as well as German companies:

  • Manufacturers of agricultural equipment (AGRITECHNICA exhibitors)
  • Exporters of used machinery
  • Importers and dealers from selected African countries
  • End customers (agricultural enterprises and cooperatives etc.) from selected African countries
  • Policymakers
  • Financial service providers

Your takeaway

We bring different types of actors together, exchange best practices, present new consulting tools as well as funding and financing opportunities for German and African companies.


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Input: Success story of a German technology manufacturer – market entry into sub-Saharan Africa
  • Input: Successful business models of African companies
  • Moderated panel discussion with audience participation
  • Refreshment and communication break (drinks/snacks)
  • Input: How can mechanization be implemented sustainably and profitably in Africa? Presentation of a consulting tool
  • Funding and financing options for manufacturers, dealers and buyers
  • Moderated panel discussion with audience participation
  • B2B at theme tables
  • Wrap-up and outlook for the next steps


International fair for the agro-machinery industry and a forum for the future of plant production. The world’s leading companies in the sector will there to present their latest innovations.

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