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See ecological crop protection in action as local bio-repellents are a viable business solution

🧩 Agroecological Business Model: Bio-Input for Financial Self-Sufficiency

Sansan Etienne Palé, a 30-year-old farmer from southwest Burkina Faso produces an ecological alternative to chemical pesticides — the organic repellent “Appichi”.

Sansan protects the local ecosystem as part of his own farming practice and has also created an additional source of income.

In the future he wishes to expand this agroecological business model by supplying the regional agricultural system and creating even more employment opportunities: “I plan to produce more for the coming season. Not only for my own production, but also for other producers.”

Agroecology and employment promotion can go hand in hand to drive an ecological, economic and social transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa’s agricultural systems while tackling unemployment.

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