Diverse Contract Farming Approaches Used in Programmes

A quick look behind the scenes

There is a wide variety of different approaches to Contract Farming that GIZ programmes currently integrate. Below you find the ongoing activities aiming at facilitating Contract Farming development using the GIZ methodology, each having their own special focus. The list is not exhaustive and will be expanded:

Burkina Faso – Green Innovation Centres (ProCIV)

The project develops a holistic approach to promote the adoption of innovations on the ground bundling the complementarities between relevant GIZ methodologies: ValueLinks, Farmer Business Schools, SME Business Training and Coaching Loop, business-oriented Farmer Based Organisations (FBO), Introduction to Negotiations and Contract Farming (INC).

Côte d’Ivoire – develoPPP

Three develoPPP projects and the bilateral programme jointly engage in the development of the capacities of farmers and off-takers of selected contract farming schemes as well as GIZ staff or consultants complemented by individual process facilitation provided to the contract parties of the three schemes to come up with more performant and inclusive Contract Farming business models.

Mali and Nigeria – Green Innovation Centres and CARI

Implementation of the newly developed three-stage qualification process for trainers and advisors (currently tested in Nigeria), development of a scaling-up strategy and establishing a capacity development and backstopping system, involving local, regional and international experts.

Tunisia – Innovation, regional Economic Development and Employment (IDEE)

Training explicitly oriented towards consultants and coaches with an excellent selection of candidates resulting in a high retention of trainees for future consultancy services. Adoption of a tandem approach for Contract Farming process facilitation bringing together one agricultural expert understanding the situation of farmers with one SME expert understanding off-takers.

Tunisia – Initiative for the Promotion of Value Chains (IPFA)

Focus on inclusive Contract Farming for assuring raw material supplies for SMEs investing into processing and by doing so improving the livelihoods of producers. Strong focus on Contract Farming business model/ business plan development as a basis for financing solutions. Mid-term evaluation to review the project strategy with regard to financing contract farming schemes and increasing processing capacities.


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