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Chargement Évènements
Invite to discuss the video
“Healthy Nutrition for Rural Households”

Mehret and Maryan of the behaviour change workstream are happy to invite SNRD members to the webinar on the video “Healthy Nutrition for Rural Households” and the usage of ICT tools for data collection (IVR).

The Sustainable Smallholder Agri-Business Program (SSAB) developed a 3D animated training video about good practices in healthy nutrition. By the means of which knowledge about healthy nutrition can be spread widely in African rural areas and awareness raised.

Charlotte and Margaret will share their work on the effectiveness of ICT measures and the use of video as an educational tool. After the presentation, there will be time for discussion.

Planned webinar rundown

  • Showing of the video – 10 Minutes (Charlotte)
  • Short presentation of ICT-tool for data collection – 15 minutes (Charlotte)
  • Presentation of Master thesis key findings – 15 minutes (Margaret)
  • Discussion – 20 Minutes

If you intend to participate, please also watch the video prior to the webinar.

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