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Chargement Évènements

Results from a Recent Stocktaking

To relaunch the SNRD community of practice on contract farming, the community invites for an expert talk!

Listen to interesting experiences and discuss with our experts about:

  • Lessons learnt and good practices from Malawi and Tunisia promoting contract farming as inclusive business model for smallholders.
  • Results from the recently realised stocktaking on experiences in using the GIZ methodology for promoting contract farming as inclusive business model in Ghana, Kenya, Benin and Tunisia (visits) as well as Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso (desk studies)
  • Opportunities for scaling up contract farming within very diverse types of programmes and projects in GIZ partner countries. The stocktaking report as well as the country factsheets from Tunisia, Benin, Tanzania and Ghana will be shared on our IDA community.

We are aware of the current technical challenges for external experts and national staff to join the IDA Community, but there is much effort put into solving this problem at the very moment. We are optimistic to find a comfortable mode of operation soon.

Much looking forward to meeting you at the expert talk and seeing you on IDA!

Best regards,

Katharina Schlemper and Carolin Voigt (Sector Project Agricultural Trade and value Chains)

Petra Windisch (Sector Project Agriculture policy and Food Security)


Contact Community Managers  | +49 (0)228 4460-3976  | +49 (0)228 4460-3906  | +49 (0)228 4460-3719

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