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ICTs Can Empower Rural Women in Your Agricultural Project – Learn How!

We’re all aware of the tremendous opportunities that ICTs offer to agriculture. In the reality of our agricultural projects, however, we witness that technology-driven advances are rather incremental and the benefits are often reaped unequally. Especially in terms of gender, there’s clearly a huge gap when it comes to access to ICTs and using them in rural areas.

This is agonizing. Digitally illiterate female farmers could certainly benefit greatly from agricultural projects providing them with interfaces that are adapted so that they can use them – as long as it’s culturally appropriate.

Globally, women use the internet 12% less than men. In Africa, it’s 25%. While the gender gap has narrowed in most regions since 2013, it has widened in Africa!
(International Telecommunication Union)

What will be your takeaway?

Franziska Kreische of the research institute betterplace lab has gained substantial experience while working with development projects in Uganda. In the webinar, she’ll speak about how rural women can be enabled and encouraged to use ICT components.

There’re many lessons to be learned, applicable to other projects. In particular, Franziska will present Briding the Digital Gender Gap, a new survey of betterplace, and we will also hear about Women Plant Doctors 2.0 – a GIZ project in Tunisia with a tight focus on empowering women.

Is this relevant to you?

This webinar is designed for project staff and decision makers in agricultural projects who want to crank up women’s involvement – who are considering to develop new ICT components or wish to prop up already existing ones.

You already have tons of questions that you would like to ask Franziska Kreische?

Kindly send your questions to prior to the webinar. We’ll make sure that Franziska covers your points in her presentation, or we’ll get to them during the Q&A part of the session!

How to join

The webinar is conducted online via Skype4Buisness. Contact the organisers to receive the logins.

Please feel free to forward the invite to others.

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