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Where’s the Gender Transformative Approaches Working Group at Right Now?

An interview with Lamina Ratovonasy of the Gender-transformative Approaches working group which recently convened under the title “Rural Development Goes Feminist”.

Lamina spoke to the website editor about:

  • The most pressing issue in rural development when it comes to gender — given the relatively new feminist development policy of Germany
  • The most important contributions gender-transformative approaches can make
  • The main purpose and contribution of the Gender-transformative approaches working group
  • The key insight from the event in terms of how projects practically approach their work

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In the video Pascal asked the questions in English, Lamina answers in French. Subtitles in both languages are available in the YouTube player:

  1. Choose “cc” at the bottom of the player
  2. Then access the settings under the “wheel” icon
  3. Set it to English or French

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The interview was recorded online via MS Teams on 7 November 2022.

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